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Concretonomics: Designing with Concrete to Overcome Material Cost Increases.

30 de junio de 2022

The cost of living crisis is hitting us from every direction at the moment and this is being felt as well in the world of interior design projects. Raw materials for building and renovating are either stuck in supply chains that have been hit hard in recent years or are facing pricing pressure due to spiralling costs from lack of availability. 

Creating & Delivering Great Interior Design Through Partnerships

1 de marzo de 2022

Having great partners and suppliers is critical to the conceptualization and delivery of outstanding interior design and architecture projects. Crystine explains her approach to working with partners and suppliers to ensure excellence in design and delivery.

Magnifying the Old in the New: Interior Architecture Design Heritage

10 de febrero de 2022

Maintaining the rich historical lines and design style of a property while refreshing that property can often be a careful balance of keeping the old and installing the new. Crystine has a set of principles that she works under to maintain the heritage design of a property while bringing modern styling and innovation to refresh the property.

Le Petit Journal: Crystine Bonneau Studio Arrives in Lisbon

10 de marzo de 2020

In addition to offices in Marbella and Paris, Crystine Bonneau Studio now opens their doors in the historic centre of the vibrant and colourful Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Crystine Bonneau Studio has collaborated with different clients on residential projects in Portugal; from homeowners to those seeking a second holiday home or large property developers. The Studio approaches residential projects by going “all in” – from the conception phase to execution phase not excluding the final touches like arranging pillows on the sofa. And what better place for a designer and property owner than the city most famous for having one of the best textile industries in Europe.


23 de enero de 2020

Interior design & architecture is taking on board a greater level of importance in the way we design and layout our internal and external spaces together. Crystine is leading the way with her thinking and is now doing this from her third studio in Europe, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

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