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The Studio

Crystine Bonneau Studio specializes in interior design & architecture. Founded in 2006, the studio is now producing some of the world's finest interior design & architecture solutions for clients all around the world, from their 3 European interior design studios in France, Portugal, and Spain.

Delivering contemporary interiors for hotels, restaurants, and luxury residential properties that are styled to match the natural qualities of the space, each project also seeks to enhance the timeless character of the architectural environments into an interior design that stands the test of time.

Christine Bonneau's passion for interior & architectural design, coupled with her deep knowledge recognized by her Master from the renowned École Camondo of architectural and interior design in Paris, provides leadership to her passionate and dynamic team of architects and designers.

The team at Crystine Bonneau Studio focuses on understanding every detail of a client's wishes, whether that be for a hotel or a restaurant with a focus on creating a space for interaction and movement, or for a residential project where every detail of the client's lifestyle is examined to provide the framework for the optimized creation of an interior to meet all their needs and desires.

As a result, every interior Crystine Bonneau studio creates is harmonious, comfortable and an elegant and trendy environment, that functionally and architecturally suits the aspirations and goals of each individual client.

Founder & Art Director

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Crystine Bonneau has always been passionate about all things design. Her passion took her on a road of discovery from her native France to California, USA at an early age. Returning to France, Crystine expressed her creative inspiration through acting, under the tutelage of Robert Cordier.

Listening to her first clients as a furnishing consultant she understood the importance of interior design. They needed more than furnishings, rather help to adapt their interior spaces. Her journey as an interior designer moved from passion to profession and to the launch of the Crystine Bonneau Studio in 2005 followed by a master's degree in Interior Architecture and Design at Camondo school in Paris.

Crystine splits her time between France, Spain, and Portugal. She continues to travel widely to discover and understand the different influences that make the world great, before adapting them into her own design style. Constantly reading and researching, Christine has built a strong knowledge of how to adapt a variety of styles into interior designs that are perfectly suited to their environment and her client’s vision.

Christine Bonneau

Meet the Team

Meet the clients

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The Style

Creating elegant, contemporary, and timeless atmospheres is the signature of Crystine Bonneau Studio. Luxury is at the core of the minimalistic structural style that Crystine has evolved towards. Her team at the Studio infuses their individual styles together with the guidance of Crystine to adapt every environment into a perfect mix of materials, textures, and lighting to create an ambiance that transforms spaces into environments with unique atmospheres that delight and engage.

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